Data Linking Toolkit: Webinars and Presentations

Better Together Linking Cross Program Agency Data to Improve Data and Outcomes
Data linking increases the capacity to answer important questions about early intervention and early childhood, creates administrative efficiencies, and has the potential to improve program outcomes. This presentation includes linkages pursued, common data linking activities, strategies used, and tools available for this work that states and technical assistance providers have used.

Conquering the Trials and Tribulations of Data Sharing and Linking
This 2014 presentation provides information on requirements and best practices for data sharing agreements. Panelists from two states discuss key decisions in sharing and linking data across early childhood programs, the policy considerations related to those decisions, and lessons learned from their efforts.

Disclosure Avoidance and Limiting Access to PII
This webinar covers guidance and best practice relating to the topic of disclosure avoidance and using statistical methodology to reduce the risk of identifying student information. (Approximately 30 minutes.)

Data linking between Part C and Part B 619: Start here!
This first of three mini-webinars presented during Linking Week 2017, focused on helping state staff think through the data governance and technology considerations related to linking data. Colorado and South Dakota Part C and Part B 619 staff shared updates on their governance and technology-related work as they pursue Part C and 619 data linkages.

Data Sharing under FERPA Regulations
This webinar, intended for state education agencies, was designed to address FERPA’s 2012 regulatory changes and how agencies can remain complaint with FERPA while sharing data to further the utility and usefulness of State Longitudinal Data Systems. (Approximately 50 minutes.)

Linking Data to Increase Access to Part C Services for Young Children who have Experienced Abuse or Neglect
The presentation shares information on the data linkages that Alaska and Colorado implemented between Child Welfare and Part C Early Intervention (EI), which resulted in improved EI service access among maltreated infants/toddlers. Information on the linkages and their impact on EI referral, eligibility evaluation, eligibility determination, enrollment, and retention indicate gains and remaining gaps.

Linking EHDI and Part C Data Webinar
This interactive webinar highlights stories from Part C Coordinators who have or are developing collaborative data sharing agreements that allow them to share Part C data with their Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI). This webinar also allows participants to express their challenges and/or issues and as a group and brainstorm ways to overcome those issues.

Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data – What to Know Before You Go
This presentation discusses the steps to prepare both Part C and Part B 619 for linking data and presents examples of two states that are in the process of linking early childhood data from C to B 619.

Published July 2022.