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District Child Outcome Data B7

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This sample Part B report shows two years of district and state data comparisons for outcomes, with targets and difference between division and state. The report also includes bar charts for each summary statement to compare district to state and two years of progress category data with state/division comparisons and bar charts Virginia Department of […]

Creating a Culture of Data Use at the Local Level

Conference: 2017 OSEP Leadership Conference Date: July 2017 Presenters: Abby Schachner, Kyla Patterson, & Tony Ruggiero This poster highlights work and resources from the DaSy Center and Virginia Part C to build a culture of data use at the local level. View Creating a Culture of Data Use at the Local Level Poster

Under the Hood with the DaSy System Design and Development Framework: The Mechanics of a High Performance Data System

Presenters: Taletha Derrington, David Mills, Catherine Hancock, Kyla Patterson, Christy Cronheim, Rick Harris, & Emily Hackleman This 2014 presentation explores the DaSy System Design and Development Framework component, a tool that states can use to understand the mechanics of a high performance data system and assess where they are and where they could go next […]