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2014 Early Childhood Privacy and Confidentiality Workshop

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Conference: Early Childhood Privacy and Confidentiality Workshop Date: April 2014 Presenters: Baron Rodriguez, Michael Hawes, Frank Miller, Sharon Walsh, Ann Agnew, & Missy Cochenour This workshop focused on the implications of FERPA & HIPAA for Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems.  Participants developed data sharing agreements and learned how to engage external data users, such as […]

Current State Analysis on FERPA and HIPAA Challenges to Accessing Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Data

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Conference: Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) Date: February 2014 Presenters: Baron Rodriguez, Donna Spiker & Missy Cochenour This poster presents multiple case studies from across the country to highlight promising practices about researcher access to state data and understanding of privacy and confidentiality considerations, and ways that data can be used to […]

Privacy and Security in Early Childhood Data Use

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Conference: Early Childhood Data Privacy Meeting Date: August 2013 Presenters: Robin Nelson, Missy Cochenhour, & Baron Rodriguez This presentation discusses key privacy issues in using data in early childhood, how to use early childhood data from planning through sustainability, the impact of FERPA & HIPAA, and tools for states to inform data use. The toolkit is designed […]

Data Sharing: Federal TA Efforts, What We Know & What We Need to Know

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Conference: OSEP Leadership Date: July 2013 Presenters: Sharon Walsh, Jennifer Tschantz, Evelyn Shaw, & Baron Rodriguez This presentation provides an overview of Federal TA investments funded to assist in privacy rules and practices related to sharing data across systems. Presenters from the DaSy, PTAC, and ECTA Centers will provide information from their Centers and describe […]

Written Agreement Checklist

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This 2015 revision of a 2012 document summarizes the requirements for the written agreements under the studies exception and the audit or evaluation exception as specified in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Published by: Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Written Agreement Checklist

Data Sharing Under FERPA

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This 2012 webinar presentation reviews key regulatory changes in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) related to data sharing and summarizes FERPA mandatory provisions and best practices for written agreements. Published by: Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Data Sharing Under FERPA Webinar

FAQs Disclosure Avoidance

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This 2012 FAQ document provides general guidance to state and local education agencies about protecting personally identifiable information in education records when publicly reporting student data. Published by: Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) FAQs Disclosure Avoidance