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Linking It All Together: Ready, Set, Go!

This third of three mini-webinars presented during Linking Week 2017, reviewed lessons learned from the week and shared resources and supports that address specific data linking needs. Presented by Sharon Walsh, Duane Brown, Bruce Bull, & Baron Rodriguez in May 2017 Link to Recording Link to Presentation

Part C and Part B 619 Data: A commitment worth making

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In February of 2016, the state-driven Linking Part C and Part B 619 Cohort began with the hope of joining or “wedding” data from these two programs to address program and policy questions such as planning for and implementing smooth transitions, evaluating outcomes for children enrolled in these programs, and streamlining and improving the accuracy […]

Linking Week Day Five: All About Those Resources

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Learning effective practices around linking is great in the moment, but can you access that knowledge when you’re ready to act? Today’s resources are intended to provide you with access to helpful resources when you need them: Our Linking it all together . . . ready, set, go! mini-webinar offers key resources from CEDS, CIID, […]