Individualized Technical Assistance

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On an ongoing basis, DaSy responds to questions from state clients about developing or enhancing their state’s early childhood data systems or increasing their capacity to collect, analyze, or report high-quality IDEA data. Individualized TA services range in intensity based on the state’s need and desired outcomes, and may be performed via email, conference call or webinar, and/or in person. Targeted TA, for example, may be a one-time event such as facilitating strategic planning or presenting at a state meeting; it may also extend over a period of time and involve less labor-intensive activities.

Some ways in which DaSy staff may help individual states include:

  • Providing guidance by asking questions to promote reflection and decisions
  • Sharing information (e.g., literature, products) and resources from other states (e.g., existing forms/policies)
  • Providing feedback on state documents or materials being developed
  • Consulting and problem-solving
  • Facilitating state meetings
  • Conducting training in support of the state’s data system

Intensive Individualized State TA

Based on priorities identified by the Part C and Part B preschool programs, DaSy also provides intensive TA to a limited number of states each year. Each state participating in intensive TA will develop a TA plan which includes a negotiated series of activities designed to reach a valued outcome. It is expected that intensive TA should result in changes to policy, program, practice, or operations that support increased capacity and/or improved outcomes at one or more systems levels. This type of TA requires a stable, on-going relationship between DaSy Center staff and the TA recipient.

To inquire about DaSy’s TA activities or make a TA request, contact your state’s TA Liaison or contact DaSy.