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Strategies for Engaging Early Learning Stakeholders

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This 2013 5-page webinar summary explores the diverse roles of stakeholders in developing and implementing an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS). It covers strategies for promoting positive stakeholder engagement and lessons learned from Wisconsin and Illinois that can be applied to a variety of a data system projects. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement […]

State Approaches to Engaging Local K-12 Stakeholders

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This 2012 document discusses the strategies used and lessons learned by Virginia, Oregon, Iowa, and Washington, DC through efforts to engage with stakeholders. These states offer insights for both engaging with and understanding the needs of districts, and using that knowledgewhen developing statewide data systems. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a, SE1b, […]

Internal Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Toolkit

This 2012 tool contains strategies for engaging key internal stakeholders via authentic participation in decision-making. It provides useful tips for effective facilitation, recording, and reporting back to stakeholders. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a, pages 4-6, 8, 11 SE1c, pages 9, 13, 15 SE2a, pages 7, 12, 16, 26 SE2b, pages 6-7, […]

Stakeholder Communication: Tips from the States

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This 2011 best practices brief provides a list of Do’s and Do Not’s for effectively communicating with stakeholders throughout the system design, development, and deployment of a data system. The following elements of Data Governance & Management are addressed: DG2d & DG3e, entire document DG5a & DG7a, Pages 1-4 The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement […]