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Building a Better Data System: What Are Process and Data Models?

This 2016 document provides an overview of process modeling and data modeling and explains the value of each in the development or major enhancement of data systems. Process modeling and data modeling are important activities in data system development and particularly valuable for creating business requirements. By Robin Nelson & Bruce Bull Building a Better […]

Types of Data Systems

SLDS graphic, concentric circles around data

This 2015 brief describes and compares four common types of data systems that support data from Part C/619 programs: static/reporting, transactional, federated, and centralized. By Tate Gould, Amy Nicholas, Tony Ruggiero, William Blandford, Sara Thayer, & Bruce Bull Types of Data Systems (PDF)

Project Management Guidebook: System Development Life Cycle (Chapter 2: System Requirements Analysis)

This 2003 electronic book provides guidance to increase project management competence and foster sustained success for projects. This chapter focuses on system requirements analysis. The following elements of System Design & Development are addressed: SD2a, Pages 34, 38-43 SD2b, Pages 49-50 SD2c, Pages 51-53 SD2d, Pages 38-39, 42 SD2e, Pages 50, 54-58 SD2f, Pages 56-58 […]