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Developing Vision and Mission Statements

This tool provides a general description of what a vision statement is, it’s importance, and recommendations for how to create a vision statement. Additionally, the tool provides a checklist for creating a vision statement, example statements, and a powerpoint summarizing the main points of the tool. The following elements of Purpose & Vision are addressed: […]

Answering Key Questions with an Early Childhood Data System

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This 2013 publication outlines the process for developing key policy questions to guide the development and use of an early childhood data system and it offers examples from states that have generated their own key questions. The following elements of Purpose & Vision are addressed: PV2a PV2c PV2e Published by: State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) […]

Early Childhood Information System (ECIS) Vision Document

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This 2011 document provides a vision for Massachusetts’ Early Childhood Information System (ECIS). It describes how Massachusetts engaged stakeholders in the process of creating a vision for the system; identifies essential data elements central to the development of the system; describes the goals of the ECIS and how the system will accomplish these goals; and […]

Identifying SLDS Users and Uses

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This 2011 brief provides guidance on the identification of end users and those users’ information needs. The document guides state staff to reflect on the purpose and intended outcomes of a data system, identify and prioritize the users it can and should serve, and then assess the system’s capacity to support the identified uses. The […]