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Empowering Parents with Data

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This 2015 two-page document from Data Quality Campaign provides information on steps states have taken to provide parents with vital information and highlights Metro Nashville Public Schools, a district with a strong parents engagement strategy, exemplifying the kinds of district practices states can support. Empowering Parents with Data (PDF)

Family and Community Knowledge Systems: New Tools for Engagement

This 2012 report makes the case that developers of early childhood data systems need to look at indicators related to child well-being outside formal systems of education and care. This includes recognizing the role of family and community knowledge systems in child development and documenting the informal learning children acquire from family and community. Published […]

CLASP DataFinder


This easy-to-use tool provides select demographic information as well as administrative data on programs that affect low-income people and families, including child care and Head Start. It is an example of different ways to display data. Published by: Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) CLASP DataFinder Tool

Engaging Families with Data: Helping Families Participate in Conversations about Data at Various Levels within the System

Presenters: Siobhan Colgan, Darla Gundler, Judy Swett, Lissette Saavedra, & Melissa Raspa This 2014 session highlights the importance of family involvement in data discussions at all levels within the system. Ways to inform and engage families in conversations about local program and state level data are discussed. Presentation: Engaging Families with Data: Helping Families Participate […]

36th Annual Report to Congress on IDEA Implementation

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This 2014 report describes our nation’s progress in providing free appropriate public education for all children with disabilities and early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families; ensuring the rights of these children and their families are protected; assisting states and localities in providing education to these children; and assessing the […]

Use of Data for Monitoring Part C and B 619

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Presenters: Krista Scott, Bruce Bull, & Debbie Cate This 2013 presentation discusses updating and aligning monitoring processes to be data-driven, maintaining general supervision responsibilities, monitoring for compliance AND results, supporting local and state level improvement/TA efforts, while balancing the load against existing resources. Use of Data for Monitoring Part C and B 619

The Early Childhood Workforce Data Landscape

A Comprehensive Early Childhood Framework

Presenters: Mary Beth Bruder, Denise Mauzy, & Carlise King This 2013 presentation provides information about the importance of comprehensive workforce data collection and an overview of the primary sources of data at the state and regional level, including Part C, Section B 619, early childhood and trainer workforce registries, state teacher certification systems, and others. […]

Formative Assessment: So What Happens Next?

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Conference: NAECS-SDE Annual Meeting Date: June 2013 Presenter: Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation discusses formative assessment validity and using the results of formative assessments within the Findings – Meaning – Action framework with specific examples from EC classrooms. Formative Assessment: So What Happens Next?