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Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA): Getting it Right for All Children

Conference: OSEP Leadership Date: July 2015 Presenters: Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation gives a brief background on Kindergarten Entry Assessments (KEA) by discussing its history and current trends. Issues around making sure kindergarteners with disabilities can be included in the KEA are also discussed. Presentation: Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA): Getting it Right for All Children

Empowering Parents with Data

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This 2015 two-page document from Data Quality Campaign provides information on steps states have taken to provide parents with vital information and highlights Metro Nashville Public Schools, a district with a strong parents engagement strategy, exemplifying the kinds of district practices states can support. Empowering Parents with Data (PDF)

Benefits of an Integrated Data System

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This 2015 topical brief provides a definition of an integrated data system, identifies stakeholders, and examines the challenges and costs associated with data integration, as well as potential benefits to creating an integrated data system. Published by: Center for the Integration of IDEA Data (CIID) Benefits of an Integrated Data System (PDF)

CEDS Version 4

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This 2013 set of voluntary data standards is the newest version of CEDS which includes additions to the early learning, K12, and post-secondary elements and expands CEDS into adult education and workforce. Published by: Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) CEDS Version 4

CEDS Connect Tool

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This tool allows users to find and create “Connections” among data elements to address practical applications across the P-20W environment, for example, answering policy questions, calculating metrics and indicators, and reporting to the federal government. Currently, the tool addresses four policy questions in early learning. CEDS Connect Tool

The K-12 Reform Agenda: Challenges and Opportunities for Early Childhood Education

This 2013 session explores how recent state education reforms (e.g., Common Core, teacher evaluation, assessments) can challenge research-based early learning practices and policies and provide opportunities for early childhood and K-12 stakeholders to collaborate to improve policies and programs for young children from birth-3rd grade. Presented at the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes Conference in 2013. […]

The ABCs of Collecting Early Childhood Data

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This 2013 presentation discusses how Kansas, who started the process of integrating early childhood data with K–12 data in 2011, approached working with early childhood programs. Presented at: NCES’ 26th Annual Management Information Systems (MIS) Conference The ABCs of Collecting Early Childhood Data


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This 2011 webinar provides a basic overview of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The webinar is intended to inform education officials, teachers and staff at state and local agencies and institutions about the requirements of FERPA. Presented by Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) FERPA 101 Recording and Transcript