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Data, Now What? Skills for Analyzing and Interpreting Data

process steps

Conference: Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Date: October 2014 Presenters: Abby Winer, Christina Kasprzak, & Kathleen Hebbeler This presentation had participants engaging in several data analysis activities using child and family outcomes data as an example. Participants were shown different ways to analyze, present, and interpret data. Link to Presentation & Link to Document (PDF)

Data Analysis to Guide Improvement of Child Outcomes

Chart: Some inferences are more actionable than others

Presenters: Cornelia Taylor, Lynne Kahn, & Taletha Derrington This 2013 presentation provides hypothetical data for participants to review and discuss. The data exercise includes examples of analyses that lead to implications for improving data quality and guides decisions about strategies for program improvement. Link to Presentation