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Local Contributing Factor Tool for SPP/APR Indicator C-3/B-7

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This 2012 document offers general and APR/SPP indicator-specific questions that a local or state team would consider in identifying factors impacting performance by analyzing data related to systems/infrastructure and practitioners/practices.  For state or local programs using the DaSy Data System Framework to improve their own data use, note that the document provides helpful information to […]

Managing Data Talk: A Workbook

This 2011 workbook is an accompanying guide to the textbook Making Data Talk: Communicating Public Health Data to the Public, Policy Makers, and the Press (Nelson, Hesse, & Croyle). This guide presents an overview of communication concepts and a framework to communicate data. It also includes examples to illustrate the application of this framework. The […]

A Guide to Analyzing Data from the Family Outcomes Survey

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This 2009 document is specifically geared toward analyzing family outcomes using the ECO Survey. However, some analyses can be generalized more broadly. The document reviews the types of analyses that can be done and how they are useful to state and local jurisdictions. The following elements of Data Use are addressed: DU1a & DU6c, entire […]