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Working with Stakeholders to Identify Potential Improvement Strategies for Program Improvement (Including the SSIP)

This 2015 quick reference guide is designed to assist states in understanding what information needs to be available in order for stakeholders to assist in selecting potential improvement strategies that will increase capacity of LEAs, EIS programs, and practitioners to improve results for infants, toddlers and their families or for young children with disabilities. The […]

Leading by Convening: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement

Leading By Convening model

This 2014 guide is a blueprint for authentically engaging stakeholders in learning partnerships across families, practitioners, administrators, and policymakers to build relationships necessary to carry out Individuals Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1, activities on pages 57-58, 67-68 SE1a, pages 6-7, 13, 16, 17; activity on pages 92-93 […]

SSIP Overview: State Experiences with Stakeholder Engagement

This 2014 webinar is Part 1 of a 3-Part State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) webinar series. The webinar provides an overview of the SSIP, including information about the SSIP phases and components; ideas for using implementation science throughout the development and implementation of the SSIP; and several resources that support planning of SSIP activities and […]

Everyone On Board: How to Engage Reluctant Stakeholders and Stakeholders Experiencing Leadership Transitions

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This 2014 publication provides guidance on handling situations in which engaging stakeholders may be challenging, such as working with stakeholders who have goals that compete with those of the project or maintaining stakeholders through transitions. The resource provides helpful advice on identifying, educating, and articulating expectations to stakeholders. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are […]

State Approaches to Engaging Local K-12 Stakeholders

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This 2012 document discusses the strategies used and lessons learned by Virginia, Oregon, Iowa, and Washington, DC through efforts to engage with stakeholders. These states offer insights for both engaging with and understanding the needs of districts, and using that knowledgewhen developing statewide data systems. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a, SE1b, […]

Internal Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Toolkit

This 2012 tool contains strategies for engaging key internal stakeholders via authentic participation in decision-making. It provides useful tips for effective facilitation, recording, and reporting back to stakeholders. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a, pages 4-6, 8, 11 SE1c, pages 9, 13, 15 SE2a, pages 7, 12, 16, 26 SE2b, pages 6-7, […]

Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit: Traversing ‘Stakeholder Land’

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This 2013 5-page guide equips leaders of data system initiatives with a six-step plan that builds towards effective stakeholder engagement. The resource supplies guiding questions, exercises, and tips to help users identify where they are in the stakeholder engagement process and where they need to go. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a, […]

A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

This 2009 guide aims to assist in planning the process of engaging stakeholders. It includes worksheets for identifying stakeholders, determining stakeholder roles, priorities, and motivations, and considering strategies for engagement. The following elements of Stakeholder Engagement are addressed: SE1a & SE1b, Pages 34-35 SE1c & SE2a, Pages 36-37 Published by: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation A […]