Submit a Resource to Post to the DaSy Website

Have a resource to share on the DaSy website? We have a form for that! Below, select the type of resource you want to submit, and you’ll be asked to complete a form for that type of resource. The DaSy web team will review your request and contact you if more information is needed.

What type of resource do you want to submit?

URL: A link to a resource on another website
Examples: A helpful webpage on the ECTA web site, a new OSEP report on the ed.gove site – any resource our DaSy audience may find useful for their work.

File Upload: A document (e.g., PDF or Excel tool) that isn’t available anywhere else on the web
Examples: A new publication by DaSy staff, a new Excel tool created by DaSy. The isn’t available elsewhere on the web – we are sharing it here first!

DaSy Web Pages: Content for sets of web pages on the DaSy website
Created by DaSy staff, this content is specifically designed to be disseminated as web pages on the DaSy website. It may additionally (optionally) have accompanying PDFs. Examples include DaSy toolkits, State of the States, or Framework pages.