State of the States: Unique Child ID

A unique identifier is an identifier that is assigned to one individual or entity, is associated with all the data for that individual or entity in a data system or dataset, and remains the same over time, i.e., it “follows” that individual or entity. Unique identifiers can be used to link data within a data system or dataset or across more than one data system or dataset.

State data system(s) uses a unique identifier for children receiving (Part C/Part B 619) services.
Green Yes for Part C and Part B 619 (67%)
Blue Yes for Part C, No for Part B 619 (7%)
Orange No for Part C, Yes for Part B 619 (3%)
Red No for Part C and Part B 619 (0%)
Gray Data not available for at least one program (23%)

States & Territories


The 2021 survey data includes states that submitted and provided permission to publish the data. Grey indicates that the full 2021 data are not included but prior years’ data may be available.