Learning Groups

In response to state feedback, DaSy and our partners have developed a variety of small-group learning communities. These communities include Communities of Practice, workshops, and ongoing learning communities. Each focuses on a topic of mutual interest to a small group of states. The table below contains the full list of learning groups that DaSy helps to facilitate.

Opportunities for Ongoing Learning

Topic Format Purpose Partners Contact
Pay for Success Community of Practice Generate proposals for using PFS as a funding approach ECTA Center dominique.tunzi@sri.com
Family Outcomes Community of Practice Improve family outcomes data collection, analysis, interpretation, and use ECTA Center (lead) siobhan.colgan@unc.edu
COS Learning Community Receive support for using the COS process with their data analysis and interpretation ECTA Center (lead) kellen.reid@unc.edu
SSIP Social Relationships Community of Practice States that have selected social emotional outcomes as their SIMR work together to address implementation and evaluation planning ECTA Center (lead) angelique.dakak@sri.com
BDI Users Learning Community Connect to share experiences using the Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI) for outcomes reporting ECTA Center (lead) dominique.tunzi@sri.com
TS Gold Learning Community Connect with other states using the Teaching Strategies (TS) GOLD for child outcomes reporting ECTA Center (lead) carmen.araoz@sri.com
SSIP Social Emotional Outcomes Learning Collaborative Learn from and collaborate with other state staff in the implementation and evaluation of SSIP strategies and other priority efforts NCSI (lead)