DaSy Technical Assistance (TA) Overview


The DaSy Center designs and implements a continuum of TA for Part C early intervention and Part B 619 early childhood state staff, including individualized TA in response to a state question or need, and cross-state TA, including products, available to a broader audience. The DaSy Center provides a continuum of technical assistance (TA) for Part C and Part B Section 619 preschool state staff and data managers from all US states and territories. State personnel working with these programs, and especially with early childhood IDEA data and data systems, are encouraged to contact their state liaison to inquire about our TA activities or request TA.

Although our TA is targeted for Part C and 619 state agencies, many of the activities such as conferences and webinars are open to anyone who is interested. Individuals and TA centers can also contact DaSy with questions related to our scope of work. Upcoming DaSy TA events, presentations and products can be found in the Events tab.

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) funds national technical assistance centers to offer resources and TA to states to meet the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements and improve outcomes for all students with disabilities. For more information on the goals and focus of each center that serves Part C and Part B 619 early childhood programs, view our OSEP Early Childhood Technical Assistance Centers flyer.