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This page offers “Words to the Wise” on how DaSy products can support your data system work, as well as other blog posts produced by the DaSy team.

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How to Build a “Data Culture”??? Logo: Whole WhaleThis short blog post from Whole Whale identifies three key components for building a Data Culture and outlined the role that each play in the process. It’s a helpful introduction to data culture for organizations that are just beginning ... Read more

Good stuff at #ECIDEA18: COS process training resources Young boy with data whiteboardThe Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process is a team process for summarizing information on a child’s functioning in each of the three child outcome areas using a 7-point scale. With the COS process, a team of individuals who are familiar ... Read more

Complete your Data Story with Qualitative Data (blank)The most important goal of collecting, analyzing, and sharing data is to inspire action and the most effective way of inspiring action is to engage in data story-telling. When you tell a story using data, you need to understand not ... Read more

Innovative funding for early childhood programs? Yes, please! Icon: Pay for SuccessA new funding approach is being explored to support services for young children with disabilities and their families. PFS is an innovative financing model that tests and advances promising and proven interventions. Across a number of sectors, programs and private ... Read more

Telling your data story with an infographic: It’s easier than you think! Data Visualization Toolkit: InfographicsDo you have a great data story to tell? Do you need to communicate your data story concisely and clearly to a diverse audience? If so, an infographic is your answer and our upcoming conference session, can help. Whether ... Read more

The Perils of Confusing Performance Measurement with Program Evaluation Image of red DaSyA group of researchers recently published a paper critiquing the child outcomes performance indicator for Part C and Part B 619. They also presented some of their thoughts in a recent webinar sponsored by the Association of University Centers on ... Read more

The Future is Data Linking Part C and/or Part B 619 data sources: EDHI, MIECHV, SLDS, ECIDS, CAPTA, QRIS, IDEA agencies, Personnel, FinanceThis infographic, which supported our January 2018 webinar of the same name, identifies the types of agencies that Part C and Part B 619 data systems may benefit from linking with. Agencies include: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EDHI) Maternal, Infant, and Early ... Read more

Engaging Families in Early Childhood Data Initiatives photo of groups of participants talking and working on computersData-driven decision-making is transforming education and family services, from personalized learning plans for individual children, to school-level program development, to state-wide systemic changes. As our systems move towards data-driven decision-making on all fronts, the education leaders, policy-makers, and researchers can’t ... Read more

Early Childhood Special Education and ESSA Logo: Center on Enhancing Early Learning OutcomesIn the latest Early ED in ESSA blog, our co-directors Donna Spiker and Kathy Hebbeler and our friends Sharon Walsh and Debbie Cate from the ECTA Center explain how states and districts can prioritize the inclusion of children with disabilities ... Read more

Who is Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data? Look to the Maps! At least some chld-level data about children receiving Part B 619 services are in teh same data system or have been linked to child-level data from parat C: 27% Yes for Part C & Part B 619; 7% Yes for Part C, No for Part B 619; 9% No for Part C, Yes for Part B 619; 48% No for Part C & Part B 619; 9% Data not available for at least one programIn discussions with our state partners around data linking, a question we often hear at the DaSy Center is, “What are other states doing?” In order to provide information about what other states/territories are doing, the DaSy Center has ... Read more

What does it take to create a good RFP for a new data system? data system icon Sorry, your data system will not perform as desired forever. Requirements, technology, expectations all change. Even with the best maintenance, your data system will eventually become antiquated. Replacing it may require a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit interested vendors. ... Read more

Double-Check Federal Privacy Requirements before You Link Red box with green PII As you plan to link data, be sure you check federal privacy requirements for sharing personally identifiable information (PII). One very helpful resource to consider is Understanding the Confidentiality Requirements Applicable to IDEA Early Childhood Programs Frequently Asked Questions ... Read more

Linking Data Between Part C and Part B 619 Resource Collection Icon: Linking DataThis Special Collection includes all of the resources shared during Linking Week, including: infographics a video blogs useful products from TA Centers webinar presentations and recordings We will add to this collection as we find new resources. Link to Resource Collection Read more

Linking Early Childhood Data Remember to include: Leadership, Data Staff, Program Staff, Information Technology StaffThis infographic from DaSy’s 2017 Focus on Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data week offers an illustration of some important steps for states to consider when linking data between Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). ... Read more

Where are the Data? Data system icon with four arrows pointing inward from outsideThis infographic from DaSy’s 2017 Focus on Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data week offers illustrations of four different scenarios for housing Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) data in a state. It can be ... Read more

Part C and Part B 619 Data: A commitment worth making Image: Two gold bandsIn February of 2016, the state-driven Linking Part C and Part B 619 Cohort began with the hope of joining or “wedding” data from these two programs to address program and policy questions such as planning for and implementing smooth ... Read more

How DaSy’s Critical Questions Can Support Your Linking Efforts Climber IconThis short video describes how a team might use DaSy’s Critical Questions to support their linking work. For more information, visit our Critical Questions. Read more

Linking Week Day Four: Ensuring Privacy Thursday: Beyond IDEA - Ensuring PrivacyA major priority when linking data is ensuring that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected. Today’s resources can help you ensure privacy while connecting your data sources: Today’s Stay on the linking path: Don’t forget privacy webinar features guidance from the ... Read more

Benefiting from the Lessons Learned When Integrating Early Childhood Data Image of colorful puzzle with one piece removed Many states are pursuing linkages of early childhood program data (e.g., Part C, Part B 619, Head Start, QRIS) to improve services for young children and families. As you plan to link your Part C and Part B 619 ... Read more

Linking Week Day Five: All About Those Resources Icon: Linking Data ResourcesLearning effective practices around linking is great in the moment, but can you access that knowledge when you’re ready to act? Today’s resources are intended to provide you with access to helpful resources when you need them: Our Linking it ... Read more

Linking Week Day Three: State Stories Wednesday: State StoriesToday’s Linking Data resources offer information about states who are working to link their data: Linking to Facilitate Transition Notification shares lessons learned by Kansas and Wisconsin around linking data for effective transition notification. State of the States on Linking Data is ... Read more

Linking to Facilitate Transition Notification Image of blue spotlightWith the focus this week on linking data between Part C and Part B 619, it is helpful to look at states that have already begun the linking process through innovative methods of sharing data for transition notification. In ... Read more

State of the States on Linking Data map-child-level-elements-2016This infographic from DaSy’s 2017 Focus on Linking Part C and Part B 619 Data week offers data from our 2015 state survey on which states are linking EI and ECSE data, what proportion of states use the same unique ... Read more

Linking Data Week Day Two: Critical Questions — Why Link? Tuesday: Critical Questions -- Why link?Today, our Linking Data resources focus on how linking can help you to answer important questions about early intervention and early childhood special education programs and services: Answer the Question! explores the types of questions that you will be able to ... Read more

Answer the Question! DaSy center logo with question markWhat people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question. – Jonas Salk Questions—ones that get at important topics that are meaningful to Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) state agencies—are often ... Read more

Linking Day 1: Data Governance and Technology Considerations Monday: Technical Needs & Data Governance Today, we focus on helping Part C and 619 think through the data governance and technology considerations related to linking data. New resources include an infographic showing the steps needed to successfully link data and a mini-webinar in which ... Read more

So you submitted your Phase III SSIP report… What now? Icon: Reflect Look no further than our new State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) evaluation resource special collection! In order to increase visibility and access to the range of SSIP resources on other center pages, DaSy has developed a special collection section on ... Read more

Oh, the stories you can find in our maps! Data Governance Body 2016We at Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy Center) are data fiends. We love this quote: Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and ... Read more

Wondering how to put together a Data Sharing Agreement? We can help! Graphic: 2 computer monitors with cartoon arms reaching across to share a documentOur Data Sharing Agreement Checklist summarizes the requirements for the written agreements under the audit or evaluation exception that is specified in FERPA and that also applies to the IDEA for Part C early intervention and Part B 619 preschool ... Read more

HIPAA protections for child data Cartoon image of hippo with a heart and the text "Q? A!" Wondering if the data you collect is covered by HIPAA? We can help! Our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Frequently Asked Questions document provides an orientation to HIPAA for Part C and Part B 619 agencies ... Read more

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