DaSy Conferences

This page includes presentations from our Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference, which DaSy hosts in collaboration with our partner early childhood and data technical assistance centers. You’ll find presentations that include DaSy staff from our 2018 conference in Arlington, Virginia at the top, followed by presentations that include DaSy staff from the 2016 and 2014 conferences in New Orleans, Louisiana, then presentations from our 2013 conference in Washington, DC.

2018 Conference

The conference agenda and materials, as well as all presentations from the 2018 conference, are available on the conference website.

What Might the Future IDEA Data Manager Job Look Like in 10 Years Image of red DaSyBI tools, increased data linking, mobile solutions, more prominent data governance, ever changing security, smarter data systems, voice activated data visualization, automated data driven suggestions, faster data turnarounds, and ever ... Read more

Integrating Results into Accountability Procedures and Activities DaSy FlowerThis presentation will increase understanding of critical aspects of systems change to begin using results data to determine local program accountability. One state presented on the changes they made to ... Read more

Closing Plenary: Early Childhood Governance and Data: Who’s Making Which Decisions, and How Are They Making Them? DaSy FlowerThis plenary session will explore key considerations in state governance structures and data system development, with a focus on how Part B and Part C leaders can (1) impact the ... Read more

Suspension and Expulsion in the Early Years: Using Data to Inform Continuous Improvement for Children with Disabilities DaSy Data System FrameworkThis presentation contains information on the importance of early childhood suspensions and expulsions as this issue relates to child and student outcomes, particularly for children with disabilities. Participants will learn ... Read more

Using Data You Can Trust Improving Survey Response Rates DaSy Data System FrameworkStates employ survey methods to collect data about family outcomes and support their SSIP evaluations. Low response rates hinder states’ ability to analyze data. Furthermore, development of clear and concise ... Read more

Let’s Talk Data Making Data Conversations Engaging and Productive DaSy logoAre you looking for ways to make your data conversations with colleagues and stakeholders more engaging and productive? This presentation will demonstrate IDC’s Data Meeting Protocol, as well as two ... Read more

Broadening Impact: Scaling Up and Sustaining SSIP Activities Icon: SSIPIn this presentation, three states that have begun the process of broadening the scale of their SSIP activities will discuss their progress. Questions to be addressed include how they knew ... Read more

What Does It Really Cost Real Results from a State Fiscal Analysis Including Cost and Time Studies? Cost studies explore all cost aspects of a state administration and local service delivery system. The data from a study supports informed decision-making related to reimbursement rates, purchasing priorities and ... Read more

Examining Data to Identify Meaningful Difference Image of red DaSyData analysis is a key process for making data useful. Mistakes in analysis can cloud interpretation and distract from important results. In this session TA providers will discuss key considerations ... Read more

Evaluating Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices: Tips for Improving Quality and Feasibility Logos: ECTA and DaSyNeed better data on the implementation of evidence-based practices? This presentation contains best practices for evaluating practice change and fidelity, including characteristics of a high-quality data collection tool. Published by: DaSy Link ... Read more

Data Culture: What does it look like in your program? Icon: Data Culture ResourcesNow more than ever Part C and Part B 619 programs are recognizing the importance of creating a culture of data use and supporting data teams to effectively use data ... Read more

Where to Start: Planning for a New Data System or System Enhancement DaSy framework with System Design & Development petal highlightedThis presentation is intended to support decision-making for states that want to develop or enhance an IDEA Part C/Part B 619 data system. This presentation also includes key considerations for ... Read more

Telling Your Data Story with an Infographic Infographic Development chart imageInfographics quickly tell a story using data to a wide variety of audiences. This presentation will share resources and best practices for creating effective infographics and provide guidance for how ... Read more

Pay For Success A discussion of possibilities and lessons learned from an exploration with states Icon: Pay for SuccessPay for Success (PFS) is an innovative contracting model that drives resources toward high performing programs. This presentation contains the possible applications of PFS that could serve young children with ... Read more

Lessons Learned in Sharing EHDI and Part C Data Background, Current TA, and a State Story CDC's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EDHI) ProgramMany states share data between EHDI and Part C. Recent CDC initiatives and increased data sharing among early childhood programs have emphasized the value of data partnerships. This session will ... Read more

Better Together Linking Cross Program Agency Data to Improve Data and Outcomes Data linking increases the capacity to answer important questions about early intervention and early childhood, creates administrative efficiencies and has the potential to improve program outcomes. This presentation includes linkages ... Read more

What Else Would You Like Your Data Systems To Do? Black background with "The Perfect Data System" in white, overlaid by red circle-and-line indicating "No"This presentation includes ideas and ways to improve data systems. This presentation is for Part B, Part C, lessons learned, experienced and those new to their positions. Published by: DaSy Link to ... Read more

Supporting Emerging Family Leaders Icon: Stakeholder KnowledgeFamily leaders can be crucial in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that meet the needs of the children and families served by EI and ECSE programs. It is ... Read more

Guidance for Implementing Effective Training and TA on the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Logos: ECTA and DaSyPresenters will provide an overview of the national resources that are available to support COS training and TA, and how they might be incorporated into ongoing professional development (PD). State ... Read more

Evaluating Infrastructure Tips for Laying a Solid Foundation for Systems Improvement States should always evaluate their system improvement efforts when shoring up state infrastructure to support practices intended to improve results for children and families – for SSIP or other initiatives. ... Read more

Collecting, Analyzing, and Sharing Qualitative Data Image of red DaSyQualitative data can provide valuable information that complements quantitative findings in assessing progress, identifying successes and challenges, and making adjustments to improve services. This session will share best practices in ... Read more

Using CEDS Connections and Critical Questions to Jumpstart Your Data Exploration Process This presentation explores the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), the CEDS Connect tool, and DaSy’s Critical Questions and Analysis Plans for early intervention and early childhood special education. Published by: DaSy/AEM Link ... Read more

Introducing the OSEP Child Find Self-Assessment Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education ProgramsThe OSEP Child Find Self-Assessment is an exciting new resource intended to support states in improving the efficiency of their Child Find systems and ensuring that they are meeting federal ... Read more

BDI Users Group DaSy ECTAThis session will be an opportunity for members of the BDI users group to think about relevant issues and share products related to the collection and use of BDI data ... Read more

Protect Your Data: Reviewing and Developing Data Governance Policies Icon: Data Governance ResourcesThis presentation will review existing or develop new state data governance policies for Part C or Part B. This hands-on workshop is designed for state teams of program and data ... Read more

Fiscal Data Visualization Workshop Using Local Data to Tell a Story Icon: Data VisualizationThis presentation gives new ways to get local early intervention programs to look at their fiscal data to answer critical fiscal questions. This workshop will enable you to convert your ... Read more

Getting Connected Including Part C and Part B 619 Data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) ECIDS graphicEarly Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) can connect data from Part C and 619 with data from other EC programs to help states and local programs make data-informed decisions. This ... Read more

Opening Plenary Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education ProgramsThis presentation includes Johnny Collett’s, the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), U.S. Department of Education vision: to improve early childhood, educational, and employment ... Read more

SSIP Evaluation Workshop 2.0 Taking the Online Series to the Next Level Image of red DaSyThe purpose of this workshop is to help state Part C and Part B 619 improve or refine their SSIP evaluation plans to ensure meaningful and feasible evaluation of infrastructure ... Read more

Engaged Families: Using Data to Make a Difference in Policy and Decision-Making DaSy ECTAFamily members can take an active role in understanding and using data from the family survey and child outcomes process to participate in program improvement activities. Family leadership can take ... Read more

2016 Conference

The agenda and materials are available on the conference website.

Evaluating Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (August 2016) ECTA Center logoIn this interactive session, participants will hear about and discuss feasible ways that states are planning to evaluate implementation of evidence-based practices. Presenters and state panelists will share concrete examples of different ways they are ... Read more

Developing Evaluation and Analysis Plans to Inform Data Collection Processes (August 2016) Image of red DaSyThis interactive session discusses methods for analyzing various types of performance measures and developing analysis plans to inform data collection processes and performance measures. Participants have opportunities to learn from other states and develop/refine analysis ... Read more

State of the States: Progress in Part C and 619 State Data Systems from 2013 to 2015 Screen shot: Map Demo slidePresenters: Laura Hudson (DaSy) & Donna Spiker (DaSy) This session looks at the “DaSy 10” – ten key indicators providing a snapshot of data system capabilities in Part C and 619. It presents aggregated data ... Read more

Understanding what HIPAA Is and Is Not Screen shot: When does FERPA Apply to EC Organizations? slidePresenters: Baron Rodriguez (DaSy, EDTAP, PTAC), Ann Agnew (DaSy), & Ross Lemke (IDC) The session covers working knowledge on HIPAA regulations and requirements as well as ways HIPAA and FERPA overlap or interact. Participants will ... Read more

Using Formative Assessment to Evaluate Children’s Progress in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Screen shot: Identifying valid and appropriate measures slidePresenters: Virginia Buysse (American Institutes for Research), Alise Paillard (WestEd), & Taletha Derrington (DaSy, NCSI) This session explores the “what” and “how” of using formative assessment for evaluating children’s progress within Early Intervention and Early ... Read more

Improving Programs through Data-Driven Decisions: From Critical Questions to Data Reporting Screen shot: DaSy Critical Questions slidePresenters: Presented by Missy Coffey Cochenour (CIID, DaSy, IDC) & Abby Schachner (DaSy, ECTA) This “hands-on” session provides states with a roadmap for identifying, organizing, and visually displaying the data elements needed to answer state ... Read more

Making RDA a Reality in your Part C General Supervision System Screen shot of slide: What we focus on is what improves.Presenters: Grace Kelley (DaSy, ECTA, NCSI), Sharon Walsh (DaSy, ECTA), Sherry Franklin (DaSY, ECTA), & Anne Lucas (DaSy, ECTA) This session discusses incorporating RDA principles in your general supervision system, including modifying monitoring processes, local ... Read more

Start Using Process and Data Models Screen shot of Data Models: Video Overview slidePresenters: Robin Nelson (DaSy) & Bruce Bull (DaSy, CIID, IDC) This session introduces process and data models, excellent tools for improving communication between program and technical staff during data system development. Developing and using these ... Read more

Wishful Thinking or Developmental Science? Appropriate Measurement of Part C Infant/Toddler Social-Emotional Outcomes Screen shot of slide: Accurate assessment is challengingPresenters: Taletha Derrington (DaSy, NCSI), Pam Thomas (MO Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education), Catherine Hoelscher (UT Dept of Health), & Karen Finello (NCSI) This panel discussion session is on how to accurately measure ... Read more

Evaluating Activities Intended to Improve the Quality of Child Outcomes Data Screen shot: Do staff access avilalbe COS data reports?Presenters: Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), Ruth Chvojicek (WI Birth-Three Program), Kate Rogers (VT Early Childhood Special Education), Lauren Barton (DaSy, ECTA), Katrina Martin (DaSy, ECTA), & Kellen Reid (DaSy) This session explores evaluation questions that ... Read more

Linking Transition Notification Data from Part C to Part B: Designing and Implementing Effective Data System Processes Screen shot: Transition Notification Spotlight slidePresenters: Kathy Whaley (DaSy, ECTA), Barbara A. Dayal (KS State Dept of Education), Sarah Kate Johnson (WI Dept of Health Services), Bruce Bull (CIID, DaSy, IDC), Sarah Walters (IDC), & Nancy Fuhrman (WI State ... Read more

Performance Based Contracting in Part C Screen shot of title slidePresenters: Maureen Greer (DaSy, ITCA), Danielle Howes (VT Child Development Division), Pam Thomas (MO Dept of Education), & Ann Freiburg (IL Dept of Human Services) This session discusses performance based contracting with providers of early intervention. ... Read more

Taking your Evaluation Plan to the Next Level: Developing Evaluation Analysis Plans to Inform Data Collection Processes and Measurement Screen shot of Developing Data Analysis Plans slidePresenters: Taletha Derrington (DaSy, NCSI), Debbie Cate (ECTA, IDC), & Tony Ruggiero (DaSy, IDC) This interactive session discusses methods for analyzing various types of performance measures and developing analysis plans to inform data collection processes ... Read more

Coaching System Change: What? Me! Screen shot of Comprehensive ECE System diagramPresenters: Grace Kelley (DaSy, ECTA, NCSI) & Kim Hartsell (DaSy) This session discusses what it takes to be a leader in coaching systemic change efforts. Leading systemic change requires systems thinking, organizational management, content knowledge, ... Read more

Status of Part B 619 State Data Systems: Findings from the DaSy Data System Survey Screen shot of linkage graphicPresenters: Laura Hudson (DaSy), Kathy Hebbeler (DaSy), & Cristina Novoa (DaSy) This session provides a detailed look at the cross-state findings from DaSy’s 2015 survey of 619 state data systems and explores changes over time. ... Read more

Supporting Local Data Use for Program Improvement: Where are you now? Screen shot: Data Use Theory of Action slidePresenters: Abby Schachner (DaSy, ECTA), Tony Ruggiero (DaSy, IDC), & Kerry Belodoff (DaSy) This session is geared toward states that participated in one of the Supporting Local Data Use for Program Improvement Topical meetings, but ... Read more

Use of Fiscal Data for Program Management Screen shot of Allocation Calculations slidePresenters: Jamie Kilpatrick (DaSy), Catherine Hancock (VA Behavioral Health and Developmental Services), & Christy Scott (CDHS Office of Early Childhood) This session discusses the critical role of fiscal data and how states use it. Also ... Read more

Building Quality Practices with the COS-Team Collaboration (COS-TC) Toolkit Screen shot of COS-TC mini tour slidePresenters: Lauren Barton (DaSy, ECTA), Naomi Younggren (Department of Defense Army, Educational and Developmental Intervention Program), Cathy Smyth (DaSy, ECTA), & Barbara Jackson (Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center) This session digs into the ... Read more

What does it take to create a good RFP for a new data system? Screen shot of Evaluation Factors slidePresenters: Bruce Bull (DaSy, CIID, IDC) & Jamie Kilpatrick (DaSy) This session was a support group for those who experience (or might in the future) RFP-itis. Is there a RFP for a data system in ... Read more

Tapping Into Data To Make A Difference Screen slide of Maryland's Story slidePresenters: Jackie Nunn (DaSy, CTE), Marcella Franczkowski (MD State Dept of Education), Cynthia Millikin (DaSy, CTE), & Pam Miller (MD State Dept of Education) This session demonstrates how to use a decision making process that ... Read more

SSIP Stakeholders: The Right People, The Right Purpose, The Right Plan Screen shot of Family Stories slidePresenters: Amy Nicholas (DaSy), Tracy Turner (AR Division of Devevelopmental Disabilities), Yvonne Greene (AR Dept of Education), Ravyn Hawkins (AR Division of Developmental Disabilities), Sharon DeRego (CA Department of Developmental Services), Sharon Ringwalt (ECTA, ... Read more

See what I mean? Creating engaging and effective data products, presentations, and reports What is Data Visualization? slide from presentationPresenters: Kerry Belodoff (DaSy), Kellen Reid (DaSy, ECTA ), Taletha Derrington (DaSy, NCSI ), & Alice Ridgway (CT Birth to Three System) This session unpacked the new DaSy-NCSI Data Visualization Toolkit. Key principles of presenting ... Read more

Is it Working? Evaluating Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices Screen shot from presentation: example of a performance checklistPresenters: Abby Schachner (DaSy, ECTA), Megan Vinh (DaSy, ECTA), Maureen Casey (AZ Early Intervention Program), & Dana Romary (WI Birth to 3 Program) This session discusses feasible ways that states are planning to evaluate ... Read more

How to Successfully Integrate the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process into the IFSP Process as a SSIP Implementation Activity Screen shot of slide w/map of states integrating outcomes into IEP and IFSPPresenters: Ardith Ferguson (NCSI), Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), Beth Tolley (Infant and Toddler Connection of VA DBHDS), & Naomi Younggren (Department of Defense Army, Educational and Developmental Intervention Program) This session discusses key steps in ... Read more

Data Breach Simulation Title slide: Data Breach ExercisePresenters: Baron Rodriguez (DaSy, EDTAP, PTAC) & Ross Lemke (IDC) This interactive session walks teams through a data breach scenario ‘ripped from the headlines’!. The intended outcome is to ready teams for the twists, ... Read more

Unpacking Inclusion: A System’s Framework Perspective Screen shot from presentation -- Inclusion brochure coverPresenters: Kathy Whaley (DaSy, ECTA), Kristina Doan (IL State Board of Education), & Ann Kremer (Early CHOICES) This session discusses the complex process of increasing high quality early childhood inclusive practices. The ECTA Center System ... Read more

Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Professional Development Tools Screen shot of slide with Cycle of InstructionPresenters: Presented by Amy Nicholas (DaSy), Kellen Reid (DaSy, ECTA), Maureen Casey (AZ Early Intervention Program), Chelsea Guillen (IL EI Ombudsman/EI Training Program), Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA), & Cathy Smyth (DaSy, ECTA) This session provides ... Read more

Child Outcomes Data Collection: Results of the ITCA National Survey and Discussion of Policies and Considerations Screen shot of primary approaches for outcomes slidePresenters: Christina Kasprzak (DaSy, ECTA), Cornelia Taylor (DaSy, ECTA), Maureen Greer (DaSy, ITCA), & Robin Nelson (DaSy) This session is a facilitated discussion on policies and procedures related to child outcomes data collection, with a ... Read more

Closing Plenary: Let’s Make Data Part of Everyone’s Toolkit! Image of child reading with multiple levels of data represented above her: Classroom/Caseload, Center/School/Program, District/Program, Region, State, and NationalPresenters: Kathleen Hebbeler (DaSy), Donna Spiker (DaSy), Lisa Backer (MN Dept of Education), Tony Chambers, Ann Freiburg (IL Dept of Human Services), Chelsea Guillen (EITP at University of Illinois), Ovella Peaches Lott (University City ... Read more

2014 Conference

The agenda and materials are available on the conference website.

Questions, Data, and Reports: Connecting the Data Dots Using the DaSy Framework System Design and Development Component Four images: Data (ingredients), Information (cooling cake), Presentation (frosted cake), Knowledge (crumbs)Presenters: Taletha Derrrington & Kathleen Hebbeler This 2014 workshop presentation explores connecting key policy questions with the data elements and reports needed to answer them using the DaSy framework. Interact to formulate key questions regarding outcomes for children and families; ... Read more

Building Financial Systems Around Data: When and How to Use Fiscal Data Elements Cost Study four elementsPresenters: Maureen Greer, Jamie Kilpatrick, & Robin Nelson This 2014 presentation provides an overview of the role of finance data in Part C programs and is intended to help Part C staff better understand important policy questions related to finance ... Read more

Developing or Enhancing Business Requirements to Improve Data Quality: Spend Time Now or Pay ($$) Later Success Arrow in Bullseye of TargetPresenters: Jeff Sellers & Mike Hinricher This 2014 session provides an overview of the approach to properly gathering and developing business requirements for data systems. It is designed to educate and inform IDEA Part C and 619 state staff of ... Read more

Ready for Phase II? Effective Strategic Planning SSIP four quads: Problem, Why, What to do, How well workingPresenters: Grace Kelley, Taletha Derrington, Christina Kasprzak & Anne Lucas This 2014 session highlights the criteria of a high quality systemic improvement plan to be developed in Phase II of the SSIP and discusses what supports and resources states need ... Read more

Preventing Data Analysis Paralysis: Strategic Data Analysis Using Data Analysis Plans Title slide imagePresenters: Jean Shimer, Patti Fougere, Karen Walker, Karie Taylor, Abby Winer, & Tony Ruggiero This 2014 presentation shares state approaches to data analysis in Phase I of the SSIP. Through their experiences, these states illustrate the importance of having a ... Read more

Digging into “Data Use” Using the DaSy Framework Component DaSy Data System FrameworkPresenters: Jim Coyle, Jan Stevenson, Denise Mauzy, & Donna Spiker This 2014 presentation explores the Data Use component of the DaSy Framework and includes in-depth discussions and hands on activities related to the Data Use component. Session leaders include ... Read more

Are you Ready? Preparing Part C and 619 as a Stakeholder in an ECIDS Spider web of SLDS stakeholdersPresenters: Sarah Walters, Colleen Murphy, Kathi Gillaspy, Elliot Regenstein, & Missy Cochenour This 2014 presentation discusses the key principles and skills needed for Part C and 619 staff to be informed stakeholders in a state early childhood integrated data system ... Read more

WFSSVPDFIRPGO: Are We There Yet? Presenter: Kathleen Hebbeler This 2014 presentation was presented at the opening plenary of Improving Data, Improving Outcomes 2014. The presentation focuses on achieving good outcomes in early childhood through faithfully implemented recommended practices, well-functioning state systems, and valid and powerful ... Read more

Under the Hood with the DaSy System Design and Development Framework: The Mechanics of a High Performance Data System Presenters: Taletha Derrington, David Mills, Catherine Hancock, Kyla Patterson, Christy Cronheim, Rick Harris, & Emily Hackleman This 2014 presentation explores the DaSy System Design and Development Framework component, a tool that states can use to understand the mechanics of a ... Read more

Privacy Collaboration! The Latest Resources from DaSy, PTAC, and IDC Presenters: Baron Rodriguez, Jeff Sellers, & Jennifer Tschantz This 2014 presentation shares how DaSy, IDC, and PTAC are collaborating to address state questions around data sharing, privacy, and security and provides an overview of new resources recently developed by ... Read more

Engaging Families with Data: Helping Families Participate in Conversations about Data at Various Levels within the System Presenters: Siobhan Colgan, Darla Gundler, Judy Swett, Lissette Saavedra, & Melissa Raspa This 2014 session highlights the importance of family involvement in data discussions at all levels within the system. Ways to inform and engage families in conversations about local ... Read more

Data Governance Demystified: Concepts to Reality Presenters: Bruce Bull, Sharon Walsh, Denise Mauzy, Christy Cronheim, Rick Harris, & Maria Synodi This 2014 presentation focuses on the role of Data Governance in protecting data and facilitating improved results. State successes and challenges will be explored: authority, accountability, ... Read more

Conquering the Trials and Tribulations of Data Sharing and Linking Presenters: Robin Nelson, Baron Rodriguez, Linda Goodman, & Sherry Franklin This 2014 presentation provides information on requirements and best practices for data sharing agreements. Panelists from two states discuss key decisions in sharing and linking data across early childhood programs, ... Read more

Answering Critical Questions Using Data: Tools to Support Development and Data Element Identification Common Education Data Standards logoPresenters: Tony Ruggiero, Haidee Berstein, Missy Cochenour, Abby Winer, & Bill Huennekens This 2014 workshop presentation combines informative and hands-on approaches to bridge the gap between data (within and across agencies); demonstrate the tools for Early Learning to answer critical ... Read more

Who Are You Going to Call? Chart of four TA centersThis 2014 flyer clarifies the roles of four OSEP Technical Assistance Centers (DaSy, ECTA, IDC, & ECPC) that respond to early childhood state requests and provides examples of who to contact for common requests and questions. Distributed at the Improving Data, ... Read more

DaSy: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems DaSy logo, quote: The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights."This 2014 poster was displayed at the Improving Outcomes, Improving Data Conference in New Orleans, Lousiana. The poster shares DaSy’s mission, recent accomplishments, and ongoing collaboration. Poster & Poster Text Read more

2013 Conference

The agenda and materials are available on the conference website.

More than Referral: Linkages between Early Intervention and Child Welfare Data and Improved Child Outcomes More than Referral (title slide)Presenters: Taletha Derrington, Bruce Sheppard, Ardith Ferguson, Christy Scott, & Kenneth Smith This 2013 collection of presentations discuss implementation issues and their implications for state IDEA data systems. Panelists from three states describe their states’ linkages and discuss how implementation ... Read more

Use of Data for Monitoring Part C and B 619 Six Step Framework detailPresenters: Krista Scott, Bruce Bull, & Debbie Cate This 2013 presentation discusses updating and aligning monitoring processes to be data-driven, maintaining general supervision responsibilities, monitoring for compliance AND results, supporting local and state level improvement/TA efforts, while balancing the load ... Read more

The State of State Part C and 619 Data Systems: Current Status, Future Directions Little girl with raised handPresenters: Pam Roush, Carlise King, Lisa Balivet, & Donna Spiker This 2013 presentation provides an overview of where states are in the development of Part C and Part B 619 data systems. Presenters share selected findings from three recent national ... Read more

The Early Childhood Workforce Data Landscape A Comprehensive Early Childhood FrameworkPresenters: Mary Beth Bruder, Denise Mauzy, & Carlise King This 2013 presentation provides information about the importance of comprehensive workforce data collection and an overview of the primary sources of data at the state and regional level, including Part C, ... Read more

Why CEDS for Part C and 619: The Benefits of Using Common Education Data Standards Common Education Data Standards logoPresenters: Meredith Miceli, Lisa Backer, & Suzanne Raber This 2013 presentation helps participants understand the benefits of using common data elements and definitions in their early childhood data systems. Tools developed by the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) initiative are ... Read more

In Search of the Perfect Data System In Search of the Perfect Data SystemPresenters: Christy Scott, Mike Hinricher, & Bruce Bull This 2013 presentation probes, articulates, discusses and seeks cross state audience solutions to data system challenges. Presentation Read more

IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Data Systems: Current Status and Future Priorities The ECTA/ECO Bunch (8 photos)Presenters: Ruth Ryder, Meredith Miceli, Lynne Kahn, Kathy Hebbeler, & Donna Spiker These 2013 presentations were presented during the opening plenary of the Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference. The first presentation discusses the DaSy Center Needs Assessment that was conducted ... Read more

Essentials of Data Operations: Getting Data into Your Data System (so you can use it) Interoperability diagram from CiscoPresenters: Jim Campbell, Missy Cochenour, & Baron Rodriguez This 2013 presentation is primarily about the operations of a data system, including defining data elements, data collection, linkages, and analysis. In other words, how to successfully get data into your data ... Read more

Data Analysis to Guide Improvement of Child Outcomes Chart: Some inferences are more actionable than othersPresenters: Cornelia Taylor, Lynne Kahn, & Taletha Derrington This 2013 presentation provides hypothetical data for participants to review and discuss. The data exercise includes examples of analyses that lead to implications for improving data quality and guides decisions about strategies ... Read more

Common Data Elements and Definitions for Part C and 619 Programs Same or different file? (with sample data on two children)Presenters: Missy Cochenour, Haidee Bernstein, & Denise Mauzy This 2013 presentation combines general CEDS information with opportunities for hands-on learning. It starts with an overview that will ensure that participants are knowledgeable in CEDS and how it can help early ... Read more

Data Sharing: Federal TA Efforts, What We Know & What We Need to Know Daisy photo: The Center for IDEA Early Childhood DAta SYstemsPresenters: Jennifer Tschantz & Baron Rodriguez This 2013 presentation provides an overview of relevant resources for Privacy and Confidentiality for Part C and 619 programs as they integrate data systems. Presentation Read more

Follow the Yellow Brick Road from Part C to Part B 619: Road Blocks and Remedies for Linking and Using Data Title slide with image from Wizard of OzPresenters: Mary Peters & Debbie Cate This 2013 presentation provides an update of states’ Indicator C8 and B12 transition data for Part C and Part B619, including data collection methods, mechanisms and sharing processes. Link to Presentation Read more

Data Visualization: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Numbers Blue EyeThis 2013 session handout provides examples of different approaches that some states have used to display data in innovative and visually interesting ways as a means to better understand and communicate data and provides links to other no-cost, low-cost, and ... Read more

Incorporating EC Data into Your Longitudinal Data System: Why Does It Matter to Part C and 619? U.S. map with ECIDS projects markedPresenters: Tiffany Smith, Lori McReynolds, Brian Morrison, Phil Koshkin, Missy Cochenour, & Amy Nicholas This 2013 presentation provides basic information about the differences between the ECIDS and the SLDS. How states are working to incorporate EC data into the SLDS ... Read more

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