Data Visualization Toolkit: Qualitative Data General Resources

Qualitative methods allow for collecting and analyzing information that cannot be easily understood through numbers. Qualitative data can include open-ended survey responses, interview and focus group transcripts, observation notes, secondary data from organizations (e.g., reports, strategic plans, and policy documents), photographs, videos, and virtual communications such as emails and social media posts. Displaying qualitative data can help you explore, understand, and explain the information being presented.

Qualitative Data General Resources

  • Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0. The Qualitative Chart Chooser by Stephanie Evergreen and Jenny Lyons can help determine which chart type is most appropriate for your data.
  • Visualizing qualitative data in evaluation research. This chapter introduces data visualization techniques for qualitative data and provides examples of visualizations in various evaluation contexts.
  • Strengthening SSIP evaluations with qualitative methods. This report provides a broad overview of what qualitative research methods are, as well as examples and suggestions for collection high-quality qualitative data. Additionally, the report offers examples of two states using qualitative methods for their SSIP evaluation.