Data Visualization Toolkit: Data Tables Tools

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A visual display can be helpful for generally comparing magnitudes or looking at trends, but sometimes providing specific data points is necessary. Data tables are useful for presenting data where specific data points, not just summary statistics or general takeaways, are important to the audience. Tables are also a good way to present both qualitative and quantitative data together.

Data Tables Tools

Microsoft Office (Excel)

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used software programs for analyzing and visualizing data. Range data can be easily converted to an engaging table suitable for presentation. Conditional formatting and spark lines are key Excel tools that you can use to highlight aspects of your data.

Tableau Public

Tableau is a dynamic tool with many capabilities. Tableau Public is the free version, which has advanced capabilities but requires that all data be public.

Suggest Additional Tools or Resources

Are their additional data table tools or resources that you use to present data effectively? Let us know your suggestions for tools or resources we might include in this toolkit.