Data Visualization Toolkit: Qualitative Data Accessibility Tips

Qualitative methods allow for collecting and analyzing information that cannot be easily understood through numbers. Qualitative data can include open-ended survey responses, interview and focus group transcripts, observation notes, secondary data from organizations (e.g., reports, strategic plans, and policy documents), photographs, videos, and virtual communications such as emails and social media posts. Displaying qualitative data can help you explore, understand, and explain the information being presented.

Qualitative Data Accessibility Tips

  • All images and displays must have alt text (alternative text) that describes the nature or content of the image.
  • Color choices are important. Use color to reinforce your message, but do not rely on it to show key details. See our Accessibility Tips for using color in the Color tile.
  • If you are using a table to create your qualitative display, see Accessibility Tips section of the Data Tables tile.