Data Visualization Toolkit: Dashboards General Resources

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A dashboard is useful for displaying timely information on key variables that can be seen on one page or screen. A dashboard connects the viewer to the information, and when that information changes so does the dashboard; this time delay can be seconds, every quarter, or yearly, but you shouldn’t have to create a new dashboard when you need updated information. Dashboards can include information on one child, one school/program, an entire system, or a combination, and they are useful for measuring progress.

Dashboards General Resources

The National Education Technology Plan, posted by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, December 2015. This plan discusses the increasing value of and promotes the use of technology in education. It highlights the use of data in learning dashboards. Although it covers system-level dashboards, its emphasis is on student-focused dashboards. We recommend this plan for states that want to provide schools and teachers with resources that will assist in measuring student progress.

Data Dashboards a High Priority in National Ed-Tech Plan, posted in Education Week by Malia Herman in January 2016, summarizes key aspects related to data dashboards as presented in the National Education Technology Plan.

Data Visualization Checklist. This checklist provides detailed guidance on graph text, arrangement, color, and lines. It is useful in developing a graph of any type.

Dashboard Design Principles, posted by Beth Kanter on Beth’s Blog, in June 2011. This post describes the use of data dashboard for nonprofit organizations.