Data Visualization Toolkit: Color Tools

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Color is critical in displaying data. It can be used to grab the viewer’s attention, and strategic use of color ensures the viewer concentrates on key information. Color also helps in retention because it evokes emotions and links the viewer to memories. Therefore, color choices should always be intentional.

Color Tools

ColorBrewer2.0 is designed for choosing colors primarily for maps but the color schemes can be used for charts and other multicolor data displays as well. The tool gives you the specs for each color so that you can apply the color schemes in the program you are using to create your display.


The Adobe Color tool allows you to view the spectrum of color schemes. You can either choose from one of the many schemes posted or create your own to match a specific picture or logo. To create and save your own color schemes, you need to set up a free Adobe account through the site.

Suggest Additional Tools or Resources

Are there additional color tools or resources that you use to present data effectively? for inclusion in the toolkit.