Child Outcomes Reports

This online resource collection provides a convenient means to access a variety of child outcomes data reports that states have produced for their local programs. Several states have generously offered their examples and templates to help other states in this work. These reports were also shared during a September 2017 ECTA/DaSy webinar, National and Local Child Outcomes Reporting.

Each resource listing describes the types of data and charts included so that users can quickly identify the reports they want to review as they consider adding reports to their data system. No actual data is included in any of these documents. These are not DaSy-developed resources; if you want more information about any particular report or template, please contact the agency that developed the resource.


Arizona Early Intervention Program Child Outcomes Report This sample Part C report is in the form of a spreadsheet with information including bar graphs for progress categories, outcome distributions at entry and exit, and summary statements. Instructions are available separately for how to use the spreadsheet. Published by: ... Read more

Arizona Part C COS Report Instructions This Part C document provides instructions for viewing the sample report spreadsheet and how to use the report, including how to identify missing data. Published by Arizona Early Intervention Program, posted with permission. Link to Document (MS Word) Read more


Colorado Entry and Exit Score Profile logo: Colorado Department of EducationThis Part B report provides entry and exit rating matrices for 3 outcomes. Published by: Colorado Department of Education, shared with permission. Link to Document (PDF) Read more

Colorado B7 Profile Sample logo: Colorado Department of EducationThis Part B report provides results, descriptive statistics, and data quality that includes 4 years’ worth of data, with comparisons to state targets and state results, and trend lines for each outcome. The report also includes developmental trajectories by progress ... Read more


Minnesota 625 Part B Pattern Checking Logo: Minnesota Department of EducationThis Part B report of LEA data and state comparisons, includes bar charts and trend lines for outcome summary statements 1 and 2, a distribution of exit rating minus entry rating, in addition to a meaningful difference calculator for summary ... Read more

2015-2016 Child Outcome Data: Identify Strengths or Concerns Plan for Action Logo: Minnesota Department of EducationThis Part B document provides an action plan with instructions for analyzing data on Child Outcomes summary ratings. Published by: Minnesota Department of Education, shared with permission. Link to Document (MS Word) Read more


Montana COS Report Logo: Montana Department of Health and Human ServicesThis Part C report provides data generated by Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services data system. The state and/or the contracted provider may toggle over any of the numerals to view detailed information for each child in a ... Read more


Early Childhood Outcomes Data Summaries Logo: Nevada Department of EducationThis template for Part B can be used to create charts when data is entered to show the difference from target and the difference from the previous year for 3 outcomes. Published by: Nevada Department of Education, shared with permission. Link ... Read more

New Jersey

Child Outcomes County Performance Report Logo: New Jersey Department of Chlildren and FamiliesThis sample Part C report provides bar charts for each summary statement, showing comparisons between county and state data for each of the outcomes. The report also shows percent in “e” progress category compared to state and data completeness for ... Read more

North Carolina

Early Childhood Outcomes Data as they Relate to the Local Education Agency (LEA) Self-Assessment Outline of North CarolinaThis document describes the relationship between of child outcomes data to a North Carolina Part B LEA Self-Assessment. The Self-Assessment is designed to help LEAs analyze and use data to make decisions for improving academic and behavioral supports as well ... Read more

Early Childhood Outcomes, 2015-2016 Outline of North CarolinaThis sample Part B report includes a table comparing sample LEA targets and slippage from previous year, bar charts of summary statements in comparison to state with meaningful differences noted, and developmental trajectories for each outcome in comparison to state ... Read more


District Child Outcome Data B7 Logo: Virginia Department of EducationThis sample Part B report shows two years of district and state data comparisons for outcomes, with targets and difference between division and state. The report also includes bar charts for each summary statement to compare district to state ... Read more


Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) Reports Logo: Washington Department of Early LearningIncluded here are four different Part C documents with charts generated by the Washington State Department of ESIT data management system. The reports include a) COS progress codes and summary statements, b) entry rating distribution for Outcome 1, c) exit ... Read more