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Data Culture Self-Assessment

Red DaSy

This DaSy-developed tool provides guidance for building a culture of data use. It includes items in four areas: teaming, data management, data-informed inquiry, and monitoring and communication. Items related to inclusive practices and participation are woven throughout the areas. View Data Culture Self-Assessment

Teaming Plan Template

Facilitators can use this DaSy-developed template to finalize a data teaming plan. Simply transfer your answers from the worksheet to the appropriate section of the template and you will have a solid draft of your teaming plan! View Teaming Plan Template

District Child Outcome Data B7

Logo: Virginia Department of Education

This sample Part B report shows two years of district and state data comparisons for outcomes, with targets and difference between division and state. The report also includes bar charts for each summary statement to compare district to state and two years of progress category data with state/division comparisons and bar charts Virginia Department of […]

Child Outcomes County Performance Report

Logo: New Jersey Department of Chlildren and Families

This sample Part C report provides bar charts for each summary statement, showing comparisons between county and state data for each of the outcomes. The report also shows percent in “e” progress category compared to state and data completeness for current and previous years, with percent difference. Published by: New Jersey Department of Children and […]