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Collecting, Analyzing, and Sharing Qualitative Data

Qualitative data can provide valuable information that complements quantitative findings in assessing progress, identifying successes and challenges, and making adjustments to improve services. This session will share best practices in collecting, analyzing, and sharing qualitative data, and an example from Louisiana. Presenters will share resources to support qualitative methods and participants will engage in a […]

Introducing the OSEP Child Find Self-Assessment

Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education Programs

The OSEP Child Find Self-Assessment is an exciting new resource intended to support states in improving the efficiency of their Child Find systems and ensuring that they are meeting federal regulations. In this session, OSEP and TA staff will provide an overview of the tool and resources to support the use of the tool including […]

BDI Users Group


This session will be an opportunity for members of the BDI users group to think about relevant issues and share products related to the collection and use of BDI data for the purposes of child outcomes measurement. Published by: DaSy/ECTA Link to Presentation: BDI Users Group

Getting Connected Including Part C and Part B 619 Data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS)

ECIDS graphic

Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS) can connect data from Part C and 619 with data from other EC programs to help states and local programs make data-informed decisions. This presentation contains examples of states that have integrated these data and how to leverage existing resources and navigate conversations about data integration. Published by: DaSy […]

Opening Plenary

Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education Programs

This presentation includes Johnny Collett’s, the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), U.S. Department of Education vision: to improve early childhood, educational, and employment outcomes, and to raise expectations for all people with disabilities, their families, their communities, and the nation. Ruth Ryder, the Acting Director of the Office […]

SSIP Evaluation Workshop 2.0 Taking the Online Series to the Next Level

The purpose of this workshop is to help state Part C and Part B 619 improve or refine their SSIP evaluation plans to ensure meaningful and feasible evaluation of infrastructure improvements and practice change and fidelity. The workshop will delve into issues and challenges in evaluating infrastructure and practice change/fidelity (e.g., developing appropriate performance indicators, […]