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Linking Transition Notification Data from Part C to Part B: Designing and Implementing Effective Data System Processes

Screen shot: Transition Notification Spotlight slide

Presenters: Kathy Whaley (DaSy, ECTA), Barbara A. Dayal (KS State Dept of Education), Sarah Kate Johnson (WI Dept of Health Services), Bruce Bull (CIID, DaSy, IDC), Sarah Walters (IDC), & Nancy Fuhrman (WI State Dept of Public Instruction) This session discusses the IDEA Part C transition notification requirements for the disclosure of personally identifiable information […]

Performance Based Contracting in Part C

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Presenters: Maureen Greer (DaSy, ITCA), Danielle Howes (VT Child Development Division), Pam Thomas (MO Dept of Education), & Ann Freiburg (IL Dept of Human Services) This session discusses performance based contracting with providers of early intervention. Performance based contracts specify performance standards and/or measures to be met and tie a portion of payment, contract extension […]

Taking your Evaluation Plan to the Next Level: Developing Evaluation Analysis Plans to Inform Data Collection Processes and Measurement

Screen shot of Developing Data Analysis Plans slide

Presenters: Taletha Derrington (DaSy, NCSI), Debbie Cate (ECTA, IDC), & Tony Ruggiero (DaSy, IDC) This interactive session discusses methods for analyzing various types of performance measures and developing analysis plans to inform data collection processes and performance measures. Participants have opportunities to learn from other states and develop/refine analysis plans. Link to Presentation Link to […]

Coaching System Change: What? Me!

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Presenters: Grace Kelley (DaSy, ECTA, NCSI) & Kim Hartsell (DaSy) This session discusses what it takes to be a leader in coaching systemic change efforts. Leading systemic change requires systems thinking, organizational management, content knowledge, and the ability to keep calm and carry on. In order to achieve the desired improvements, leaders often find themselves […]

Use of Fiscal Data for Program Management

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Presenters: Jamie Kilpatrick (DaSy), Catherine Hancock (VA Behavioral Health and Developmental Services), & Christy Scott (CDHS Office of Early Childhood) This session discusses the critical role of fiscal data and how states use it. Also Learn how current TA tools (ECTA System Framework, recent DaSy fiscal products) can be used to assess status, prioritize activities, […]

Building Quality Practices with the COS-Team Collaboration (COS-TC) Toolkit

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Presenters: Lauren Barton (DaSy, ECTA), Naomi Younggren (Department of Defense Army, Educational and Developmental Intervention Program), Cathy Smyth (DaSy, ECTA), & Barbara Jackson (Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center) This session digs into the COS-TC Toolkit and its checklist to understand, implement, and gather data about quality practices, teaming, and engaging families in the […]

Tapping Into Data To Make A Difference

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Presenters: Jackie Nunn (DaSy, CTE), Marcella Franczkowski (MD State Dept of Education), Cynthia Millikin (DaSy, CTE), & Pam Miller (MD State Dept of Education) This session demonstrates how to use a decision making process that “taps into the power of data” by implementing a five-stage TAP-IT Decision Making Process-Team, Analyze, Plan, Implement, and Track-and explores […]