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Presentations from the 2014 “Improving Data, Improving Outcomes” conference, hosted by DaSy, ECTA & IDC in New Orleans, LA.

Questions, Data, and Reports: Connecting the Data Dots Using the DaSy Framework System Design and Development Component

Four images: Data (ingredients), Information (cooling cake), Presentation (frosted cake), Knowledge (crumbs)

Presenters: Taletha Derrrington & Kathleen Hebbeler This 2014 workshop presentation explores connecting key policy questions with the data elements and reports needed to answer them using the DaSy framework. Interact to formulate key questions regarding outcomes for children and families; identify data elements from the DaSy Framework needed to answer key questions; create report templates […]


Presenter: Kathleen Hebbeler This 2014 presentation was presented at the opening plenary of Improving Data, Improving Outcomes 2014. The presentation focuses on achieving good outcomes in early childhood through faithfully implemented recommended practices, well-functioning state systems, and valid and powerful data. Presentation

Under the Hood with the DaSy System Design and Development Framework: The Mechanics of a High Performance Data System

Presenters: Taletha Derrington, David Mills, Catherine Hancock, Kyla Patterson, Christy Cronheim, Rick Harris, & Emily Hackleman This 2014 presentation explores the DaSy System Design and Development Framework component, a tool that states can use to understand the mechanics of a high performance data system and assess where they are and where they could go next […]