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Part C Data Processes Toolkit

DaSy Toolkits » Part C Data Processes Overview State Landscape Protocol 618 Data Collection Protocols 616 SPP/APR Indicator Protocols Annual Determinations for Local EI Programs Data Collection Calendar Related Resources State lead agencies have a strong need to collect and report comprehensive, high-quality data. As the need for data grows, so do the complexity of the […]

Stakeholder Knowledge Toolkit: Building Knowledge about Data

Stakeholder Knowledge Tile

DaSy Toolkits » Stakeholder Knowledge Overview Introduction Data as information IDEA Section 618 data SPP/APR SSIP Data privacy & confidentiality Data linkages State lead agencies for IDEA Part C (early intervention) and Part B 619 (early childhood special education) programs partner with stakeholders for many purposes, including collaborating on program improvement initiatives and preparing annual […]

Target Setting Guide

Introduction Federal Requirements General Considerations Steps for Setting Targets Indicator Specific Guidance Approaches for Target Setting Additional Guidance Examples of Data Visualization Download theTarget Setting Guide (PDF) Purpose This guide provides general and indicator-specific guidance, considerations, and resources to assist state systems in working with stakeholders to set targets for the State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual […]

Identification and Referral of Children with Deaf-Blindness

April 28, 2021 In this webinar, ECTA, ITCA and DaSy joined with NCDB to provide an overview of the Deaf-Blind TA Network and the unique opportunities that exist for inter-agency collaboration through training and technical assistance. In concert with NCDB, state deaf-blind projects provide technical assistance to help ensure that family members, early intervention providers, […]

Targeted Leadership TA Series

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 The Targeted Leadership TA Series featured interactive presentations, webinars, and topical discussion groups presented and facilitated by topical experts to help state coordinators (1) Identify and adapt your leadership style for maximum effectiveness, (2) Tap into individual motivators and strengths, (3) Adopt a growth mindset which will transform the way […]

Part C Data Managers – a MyDaSyTA Learning Community

The Part C Data Managers Community is a MyDaSyTA learning community for sharing questions and expertise with each other. Equally informative and collaborative, we share OSEP and PSC updates, DaSy and ECTA resources, and conference updates. Joining this community provides both new and experienced data managers with the latest tools and materials, ensuring that community […]

BDI Users – Learning Community

This group is for interested individuals to share experiences using the Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI) for outcomes reporting. The group focuses on a variety of topics including quality assurance, data collection and analysis, and training and technical assistance. The group meets via conference call several times a year and in person, when possible, at national […]