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Pay For Success A discussion of possibilities and lessons learned from an exploration with states

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Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative contracting model that drives resources toward high performing programs. This presentation contains the possible applications of PFS that could serve young children with disabilities, highlighting data needs and challenges of applying PFS to this population. The presentation also includes state representatives of DaSy’s PFS learning community and their […]

Better Together Linking Cross Program Agency Data to Improve Data and Outcomes

Data linking increases the capacity to answer important questions about early intervention and early childhood, creates administrative efficiencies and has the potential to improve program outcomes. This presentation includes linkages pursued, common data linking activities, strategies used, and tools available for this work that states and TA providers have used. Published by: DaSy Presentation: Better Together […]

Supporting Emerging Family Leaders

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Family leaders can be crucial in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that meet the needs of the children and families served by EI and ECSE programs. It is important to provide appropriate supports so that family members feel confident to take on leadership roles. This presentation will explore approaches to effectively support family […]

Guidance for Implementing Effective Training and TA on the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process

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Presenters will provide an overview of the national resources that are available to support COS training and TA, and how they might be incorporated into ongoing professional development (PD). State presenters will share information about their COS PD systems, including how they are addressing critical staff knowledge and skill development needs and impacts of training […]

Evaluating Infrastructure Tips for Laying a Solid Foundation for Systems Improvement

States should always evaluate their system improvement efforts when shoring up state infrastructure to support practices intended to improve results for children and families – for SSIP or other initiatives. This presentation contains concrete, practical approaches to align indicators and measurement with outcomes, outputs and impacts. It also contains information on how to increase understanding […]