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Data Breach of Personally Identifiable Information

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Authors: Denise Mauzy, Bruce Bull, and Haidee Bernstein, DaSy I just learned about two different data breaches! I know my state needs to strengthen our data breach polices and hold privacy trainings! The first incident was in a small rural jurisdiction. They released a data report highlighting the great progress their children have made. Although […]

Embrace the Data Culture!

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Author: Haidee Bernstein, DaSy This is the first of a two-part blog. The main goals of these blogs are to (1) promote a greater understanding of what it means to have a data culture and (2) let you know where to find information about creating a data culture. It’s another day at work, and today […]

Is data governance a must-have or just more paperwork?

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Authors: Denise Mauzy and Bruce Bull, DaSy You have heard it before: Formal data governance is important. It establishes responsibility for Part C and/or Part B 619 data, enables program staff to improve the effectiveness of data processes, and supports greater use of data through the systematic creation and enforcement of data policies, roles, responsibilities, […]

Are You Turning Data into Insight?

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Authors: Cornelia Taylor and Denise Mauzy, SRI International “The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” — Carly Fiorina, former chief executive officer and chair of Hewlett-Packard Company We live in a data-rich world. But having data doesn’t always translate into insight, and insight is needed to make good decisions. At […]

How to Build a “Data Culture”???

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This short blog post from Whole Whale identifies three key components for building a Data Culture and outlined the role that each play in the process. It’s a helpful introduction to data culture for organizations that are just beginning this work. (Note: Whole Whale is a commercial digital agency. Sharing of this post does not […]

Good stuff at #ECIDEA18: COS process training resources

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The Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process is a team process for summarizing information on a child’s functioning in each of the three child outcome areas using a 7-point scale. With the COS process, a team of individuals who are familiar with a child (including parents) consider multiple sources of information about his/her functioning, including observation […]

Complete your Data Story with Qualitative Data


The most important goal of collecting, analyzing, and sharing data is to inspire action and the most effective way of inspiring action is to engage in data story-telling. When you tell a story using data, you need to understand not only what the numbers are saying, but why the numbers say that and how they […]

Innovative funding for early childhood programs? Yes, please!

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A new funding approach is being explored to support services for young children with disabilities and their families. PFS is an innovative financing model that tests and advances promising and proven interventions. Across a number of sectors, programs and private funders are teaming up to address critical needs through Pay for Success (PFS). This innovative […]