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This page includes webinar recordings and downloadable, accessible presentation files for past DaSy webinars. For upcoming webinars, visit our Events page.



Enhancing Trusting Partnerships at the Systems and Practice Levels: Reciprocal Opportunities for Professionals and Families ECTA Center logoThis second session of the Engaging Families and Creating Trusting Partnerships to Improve Child and Family Outcomes series focused on the nature of trusting partnerships among professionals and families. The presenters described six research-based partnership principles, and emphasized the practices ... Read more

Data Governance and Management Toolkit data system iconThis webinar launched the Data Governance and Management Toolkit, a resource containing information, guidance, and templates to assist Part C and Part B 619 program staff with creating or enhancing their data governance policies and procedures. The webinar discussed the ... Read more

Getting to the Bottom Line of Family Engagement ECTA Center logoThe first in a 3-part series, this March 29 webinar addressed the meaning of family engagement. Presenters from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE) shared results of ... Read more


2016 National Evaluation Webinar Series (January 2016) Logo: National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI)A joint collaboration of NCSI, ECTA, IDC, DaSy, and OSEP, webinars on January 14th and 21st, 2016 addressed evaluation planning in the context of the Phase II of the SSIP. The webinars included clarification of OSEP Phase II requirements, development ... Read more

A National Picture: Indicator C4 Family Data for FFY 2014 ECTA Center logoThis December 2016 webinar addressed the national FFY 2014-2015 Part C Indicator 4 family data. TA staff presented trends in the data as well as overviews of states’ survey methodology, including survey type, distribution and return methods, and scoring. This ... Read more

A Little Privacy Please? Safeguarding the Privacy of Young Children with Disabilities under IDEA and FERPA This webinar featured privacy and legal experts from the U.S. Department of Education discussing answers to frequently asked questions related to privacy and confidentiality for IDEA early childhood programs. This webinar directly supports OSEP’s recently-released document, Understanding the Confidentiality Requirement ... Read more

A National Picture: Child Outcomes for FFY 2014-15 ECTA Center logoECTA and DaSy Center staff along with several Part C and 619 state staff presented the national child outcomes data for FFY 2014-2015 and discussed state specific variation. The State Child Outcomes Data Quality Profiles, which provide an individualized analysis ... Read more

How the DaSy Center Uses CEDS to Support States Common Education Data Standards logoOn November 7th, CEDS held a webinar on how various TA Centers Use CEDS to Support States. The presentation posted here includes only the slides that the DaSy Center presented, which documents how the DaSy Center specifically uses CEDS to ... Read more

ECTA/DaSy System Framework Self-Assessment Comparison Tool This webinar introduces the framework self-assessment comparison tool which can be used to compare quality indicators and elements of quality across one or more system components/sub-components over two or three points in time. Presenters share information on using the tool, ... Read more

Pay for Success (PFS): An Innovative Funding Structure in Early Childhood This 2016 national webinar introduces Pay for Success (PFS), an innovative funding model used to address complex social problems. In a typical PFS Financing model, private investors finance the cost of operating a promising or proven social program that has ... Read more

Assessing the Impact of SSIP Infrastructure Improvements Logo: NCSIThis 2016 national webinar was hosted by NCSI, ECTA, and DaSy, for state Part B and Part C staff focused on strategies for assessing the impact of SSIP infrastructure improvements. Representatives from two state departments of education and two state ... Read more

Validity of the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Process Data: An Overview of Findings from the ENHANCE Project ECTA Center logoThis joint ECTA Center/DaSy Center webinar offered an overview of final results from the ENHANCE project. Four studies conducted in eight states provided information about the implementation and validity of COS information for accountability and program improvement. Results were drawn ... Read more

National Evaluation Webinar Series Logo: NCSIA joint collaboration of NCSI, ECTA, IDC, DaSy, and OSEP, webinars on January 14th and 21st, 2016 addressed evaluation planning in the context of the Phase II of the SSIP. The webinars included clarification of OSEP Phase II requirements, development ... Read more


Technical Considerations for Part C & Part B 619 to Engage in ECIDS ECIDS graphicThis 2015 webinar describes the technical considerations needed to make informed decisions about integrating early intervention and early childhood special education data into an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS). Presented by Missy Cochenour, Jeff Sellers, & Bill Blandford in November ... Read more

State of the States on Systemic Improvement Planning: A National Overview of Phase I SSIPs ECTA Center logoThis 2015 collaborative ECTA/DaSy webinar provided a national overview of the results of states’ Phase I data and infrastructure analyses e.g. type of data analyzed, infrastructure strengths and challenges, state SIMRs, types of improvement strategies, and information on states’ theory ... Read more

Using Fiscal Data to Inform a State’s Part C Allocation Methodology ECTA Center logoThis 2015 collaborative webinar with ECTA Center is the second of two sessions on fiscal data. The first, Use of Fiscal Data for Budget Development and Management, addresses the importance of accurate/verified finance data and provides tools for budget ... Read more

How Alaska Connected Child Welfare Data to Automate Referrals of Maltreated Children This 2015 webinar follows the state spotlight Alaska: Improving Referrals of Victims of Maltreatment to the IDEA Part C Program and discusses Alaska’s process of linking child welfare and Part C data by an automated transfer of data for substantiated ... Read more

Using Surveys to Understand How the COS Process is Being Implemented in Local Programs ECTA Center logoThis 2015 collaborative ECTA/DaSy webinar addresses the use of surveys to learn how local programs are implementing the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process. Information from surveys can be useful for understanding data quality issues and planning improvement strategies. A representative ... Read more

Lessons Learned from Developing Data Sharing Agreements This 2015 webinar shares common challenges and pitfalls in developing data sharing agreements, as well as effective strategies and best practices for developing these agreements. Presented by Baron Rodriguez, Sharon Walsh, Jill Singer, & Nicholas Ortiz in September, 2015 Link to Presentation ... Read more

Use of Fiscal Data for Budget Development and Management ECTA Center logoThis 2015 joint ECTA/DaSy webinar was designed to increase the knowledge of Part C Coordinators about the importance of accurate/verified finance data and provide tools for budget development and management that support tracking fiscal obligations, revenues and expenditures. It’s a ... Read more

ECTA/DaSy System Framework Self-Assessment Demonstration This 2015 webinar demonstrates the ECTA/DaSy Framework Self-Assessment, an Excel-based tool that provides a structure for state Part C and Section 619/Preschool programs to evaluate their state systems and set priorities for improvement. DaSy and ECTA staff demonstrate how this ... Read more

DaSy Data System Framework: A Tool for Building High-Quality State Part C and Section 619 Data Systems This 2015 webinar introduces the key components of the DaSy Data System Framework. DaSy staff and state representatives share the potential uses of the framework for improving Part C and/or 619 data systems and improving the quality and use of ... Read more


What do IDEA and FERPA tell us about Data Sharing? Dept. of Education logoThis 2014 webinar is a reprisal of a popular session from our 2014 Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference. Presenters from the U.S. Department of Education share information on current issues and guidance on IDEA and FERPA requirements regarding data sharing ... Read more

Evaluating the SSIP This 2014 webinar addresses how best to evaluate the SSIP to assist states in identifying improvement strategies that are coherent, aligned and doable in Phase I. The evaluation plan is a critical component of the state systemic improvement plan required ... Read more

Getting Ready for Phase II of the SSIP This 2014 webinar is intended to help states begin to get ready for Phase II of the SSIP by highlighting criteria of a high quality systemic improvement plan to be developed. Presented by Anne Lucas, Virginia Reynolds, Taletha Derrington, Grace Kelley, ... Read more

SSIP Infrastructure Analysis Title slide of Overview of teh SSIP webinarThis 2014 webinar is Part 3 of a 3-Part SSIP webinar series. The webinar provides information about the SSIP Infrastructure Analysis requirements and process for completing the analysis; resources and strategies that support states in this process; and how other ... Read more

Data Visualization: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Numbers Blue EyeThis 2014 webinar is an encore presentation from the 2013 Improving Data, Improving Outcomes conference and explores the “why’s, what’s and how’s” of visualizing data. Different approaches that some states have used to display data in innovative and visually interesting ... Read more

SSIP Phase I: Data Analysis Image of "meaningful differences calculator"This 2014 webinar is Part 2 of a 3-Part SSIP webinar series.  The webinar provides information about the Phase I Data Analysis process; resources and strategies that can support this process; and ideas for engaging stakeholders. Presented by Megan Vinh, Christina Kasprzak, ... Read more

SSIP Overview: State Experiences with Stakeholder Engagement This 2014 webinar is Part 1 of a 3-Part State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) webinar series. The webinar provides an overview of the SSIP, including information about the SSIP phases and components; ideas for using implementation science throughout the development ... Read more


The Impacts of ICD-10 on Your Part C Program Impacts on Part C: Eligibility, Billing, Electronic Data, Analysis & ReportingThis 2013 webinar focuses on the impacts of ICD-10 on early intervention programs, particularly with regard to eligibility and billing. In addition, the impact of the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on state data systems and on data analysis and ... Read more

Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) 101: DaSy Webinar for state IDEA Part C and Part B Coordinators FERPA Match Game imageThis 2013 webinar provides an overview of PTAC, including a tour of the website and available and future resources. In addition, it discusses how PTAC and DaSy are working together and their plans for TA resources. Presented by Baron Rodriguez in August ... Read more

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