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This page includes reports and briefs developed by the Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy Center) in response to state-identified needs. Click on a document’s title or the “read more” option for detailed information about that document’s content, as well the downloadable, accessible document file.



SSIP Phase III Process Guide ECTA Center logoThis 2016 guide includes key considerations and resources to support states in implementing the SSIP and evaluating implementation progress and outcomes. Particularly useful are the Key Terms section, the lists of resources in each section, and the section compiling all ... Read more

Framework Self-Assessment Comparison Tool DaSy Data System FrameworkThe Excel-based Self-Assessment Comparison Tool is intended to provide states with a mechanism to examine changes over time in the implementation of one or more components/subcomponents of the ECTA and DaSy Data Frameworks. The Self-Assessment Comparison Tool shows changes in ... Read more

Maryland: Establishing Partnerships to Build Data Use Capacity Spotlight iconThis 2016 State Spotlight describes the partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education to build a statewide longitudinal data system with linkages across early intervention, early childhood special ... Read more

Avoid the Pitfalls: Benefits of Formal Part C Data System Governance Red DaSyThis 2016 brief promotes formal data governance for Part C data by describing lessons learned from other industries; outlining the risks of informal data governance and benefits of formal data governance; and providing action steps to support state Part C ... Read more

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Frequently Asked Questions Image of definition table from documentThis 2016 document provides an orientation to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for Part C and Part B 619 agencies, programs, and service providers. Through answering frequently asked questions DaSy receives about HIPAA, the document highlights aspects ... Read more

Data Linkages Between Part C and Part B – Transition Notification Spotlight iconThis 2016 state spotlight describes how Kansas and Wisconsin implemented changes to their data systems and program practices to meet new IDEA notification requirements for the transition from Part C to Part B. It also provides implications for other states’ ... Read more

Building a Better Data System: What Are Process and Data Models? BuildingBetterThis 2016 document provides an overview of process modeling and data modeling and explains the value of each in the development or major enhancement of data systems. Process modeling and data modeling are important activities in data system development and ... Read more

Using Fiscal Data to Inform a State’s Part C Allocation Methodology Red DaSyThis 2016 document is designed to provide state Part C staff with guidance on using fiscal data to analyze and revise their allocation methodology. Allocation methodology is the process – including practices, strategies, procedures, and policies – used by Part ... Read more

Considerations for Making Changes to SiMR Baseline and Targets IDC logoThis 2016 white paper outlines factors for Part C and Part B state agencies to consider when revising SiMR baselines or targets. This paper addresses questions Part C and Part B state agencies should ask when setting their original baselines ... Read more


SSIP Phase II Process Guide SSIPIIThis 2015 guide (updated in March of 2016) describes the steps needed to accomplish the work of the three components of Phase II. The SSIP Phase II Process Guide is organized according to the following sequential phases of work to ... Read more

Use of Data for Fiscal Management of State Part C Systems Red DaSyThis 2015 document is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of lead agency staff regarding the use of data for appropriate fiscal management of Part C. It provides an in-depth look at the integral role of fiscal data in ... Read more

Sample SSIP Action Plan Template ECTA Center logoThis 2015 sample action plan template provides states with a suggested, but not required, format and examples of potential content to assist them in completing their Phase II SSIP improvement plan and evaluation plan. Published by: ECTA Center, DaSy Center, IDEA ... Read more

Key Considerations for Initiating and Planning a New Data System or Major Data System Enhancement SDD_graphicThis 2015 document presents key considerations in the form of questions that can be used to help clarify program needs when planning for data system development or enhancement. These key considerations can be treated as items suited for group ... Read more

Developing and Sharing Your Business Requirements to Build a Better Data System SDD_graphic_2This 2015 document follows Key Considerations for Initiating and Planning a New Data System or Major Data System Enhancement and provides Part C/619 staff with an introduction to business requirements, which are part of the Requirement Analysis phase of ... Read more

Critical Questions About Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Red DaSyThis 2015 resource compiles a set of Critical Questions that a quality state data system for early intervention (EI) or early childhood special education (ECSE) should provide data to answer. The answers to these questions serve various functions, including supporting ... Read more

Early Childhood IDEA Centers on Call Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education ProgramsThis 2015 flyer was designed to help states better understand the content focus of the five Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) TA centers that respond to requests for technical assistance from state Part C & Part B 619 agencies: ... Read more

Recommended Resources for Planning to Evaluate Program Improvement Efforts (including the SSIP) ECTA Center logoThis 2015 document provides a list of recommended existing resources for state Part C and Part B 619 staff and technical assistance (TA) providers to utilize to support evaluation planning for program improvement efforts including the State Systemic Improvement Plan ... Read more

Self-Assessment for ECTA and DaSy Frameworks Graphic of ECTA Framework, "Building High-Quality Systems"Developed by DaSy and ECTA, the self-assessment is an Excel-based tool that provides a structure for state Part C and Section 619/Preschool programs to record the current status of their state system and set priorities for improvement. It is a ... Read more

Making the Right Call: Improving State Capacity to Meet the Data Collection and Reporting Requirements Logo: U.S. Office of Special Education ProgramsThis 2015 flyer summarizes the goals and focus areas of each of the four Office of Special Education (OSEP) Technical Assistance (TA) Centers funded to offer resources and TA to help improve the capacity of states to meet the Individuals ... Read more

Planning, Conducting, and Documenting Data Analysis for Program Improvement Red DaSyThis 2015 document was developed to help technical assistance (TA) providers and state staff define and limit the scope of data analysis for program improvement efforts, including the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP); develop a plan for data analysis; document ... Read more

Alaska: Improving Referrals of Victims of Maltreatment to the IDEA Part C Program akThis 2015 state spotlight document describes how Alaska Part C improved the referral of children from Child Welfare to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C Program by an automated transfer of data from Child Welfare to Part ... Read more

Working with Stakeholders to Identify Potential Improvement Strategies for Program Improvement (Including the SSIP) Picture1This 2015 quick reference guide is designed to assist states in understanding what information needs to be available in order for stakeholders to assist in selecting potential improvement strategies that will increase capacity of LEAs, EIS programs, and practitioners to ... Read more

Types of Data Systems SLDS graphic, concentric circles around dataThis 2015 brief describes and compares four common types of data systems that support data from Part C/619 programs: static/reporting, transactional, federated, and centralized. By Tate Gould, Amy Nicholas, Tony Ruggiero, William Blandford, Sara Thayer, & Bruce Bull Link to Document (PDF) Read more


Data Sharing Agreement Checklist for IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Agencies and Programs PTAC logo: padlockThis 2014 document is an adaptation of the 2012 release of “Data Sharing Agreement Checklist” intended for K-12 audiences. Presented as a checklist, the document summarizes the requirements for the written agreements under the audit or evaluation exception that is ... Read more

SSIP Phase I Writing Guide: Indicator 11 ECTA Center logoThis 2014 guide is intended to support state Part C programs in developing the narrative for Phase I of the SSIP. The guide combines information from a number of key OSEP documents and provides an outline that states might use ... Read more

Understanding and Using Fiscal Data: A Guide for Part C State Staff Red DaSyThis 2014 document provides an overview of the critical role of fiscal data in state Part C systems. The information is intended to help state Part C lead agency staff better understand strategic fiscal policy questions, the fiscal data elements ... Read more

Data De-identification: An Overview of Basic Terms Types of data by sensitivityThis 2014 document is intended to assist early intervention service programs and providers and preschool special education programs and agencies in maintaining compliance with privacy and confidentiality requirements under IDEA and FERPA. It reviews the terminology used to describe data ... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions: IDEA Early Childhood – Disclosure Avoidance PTAC logo: padlockThis 2014 document is an adaptation of the 2012 release of Frequently Asked Questions – Disclosure Avoidance intended for K-12 audiences. Presented here in the form of responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) are suggestions intended to provide guidance to ... Read more

Who Are You Going to Call? Chart of four TA centersThis 2014 flyer clarifies the roles of four OSEP Technical Assistance Centers (DaSy, ECTA, IDC, & ECPC) that respond to early childhood state requests and provides examples of who to contact for common requests and questions. Distributed at the Improving Data, ... Read more

SSIP Phase I Roadmap Gameboard image with childrenThis 2014 document provides a description of the activities involved in the development of the SSIP (SPP/APR Indicators C11 and B17) due to OSEP on April 1, 2015. The roadmap is intended to support states with completing Phase I of ... Read more

The ABCs of Data Dictionaries List of audiencesThis 2014 brief provides an overview of the basic components of a data dictionary and is designed to educate and inform IDEA Part C and Part B 619 state staff about the purpose and benefits of having up-to-date data dictionaries ... Read more


IDEA Part C and Part B 619 State Data Systems: Current Status and Future Priorities DaSyNeedsAssessmentReport-tnThis 2013 report summarizes the results of a 2013 survey of state agency staff on the current status of Part C and Part B 619 data systems, priorities for improvement, and areas for technical assistance. Part C  and 619 coordinators ... Read more

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