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New Four-Part Report Series on Implementing Effective Social Emotional Learning Programs

Released in February 2017 by the Regional Educational Laboratory Program (REL), this four-part report series summarizes what is currently known about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for students ages 3-8 and identifies effective SEL program characteristics. In the reports, you can find information about federal, state and district policies that support the implementation of SEL programs, […]

Data System Enhancement

Definition: A noteworthy improvement to a data system as part of a new version of it. The term is also sometimes used to distinguish an improvement (enhancement) of some existing data system from a totally new data system. Source: Derived from, DaSy Framework Component: System Design and Development

Data System

Definitions: 1. (as used in the DaSy framework) The hardware, software, and other applications that enable Part C and Section 619 programs to collect data about children, families, workforce, and/or program characteristics (e.g., program quality), as well as the analysis, reporting, and data use practices associated with those data. 2. (general use) An electronic system […]

Data Security

Definition: Protection of data from unauthorized (accidental or intentional) modification, destruction, or disclosure. Source: Taken from Committee on National Security Systems, DaSy Framework Component: Data Governance and Management

Data Quality

Definition: A multi-dimensional measurement of the adequacy of a particular datum or data sets based on a number of dimensions including, but not limited to accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness. Source: Taken from, DaSy Framework Component: Data Governance and Management

Data Linkage

Definition: The process of joining or connecting records in one data set/system with those in another data set/system. Records can be linked through a common identifier in both data sets or by some other method. Source: DaSy-developed definition DaSy Framework Component: System Design and Development

Data Element

Definition: An atomic (i.e., most basic) unit of data that has precise meaning or precise semantics that can be defined and measured. Source: Taken from Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), DaSy Framework Component: System Design and Development

Connecting the Dots 2009 Webinar series

Adult and child graphic figures

This website includes presentations and resources from a NAECS-SDE hosted webinar series focused on early childhood data. Although some of resources are dated the topics covered are still relevant, including how to make longitudinal data work for young children and early childhood data collected by different federal programs. Published by the National Association of Early […]

NAEYC’s Early Childhood Workforce System Initiative

logo: National ASsociation for the Education of Young Children

This webpage includes information about The Early Childhood Workforce Systems Initiative and resources for States, with a focus on workforce data systems. The initiative assists states in developing, enhancing, and implementing policies for an integrated early childhood professional development system. Developed by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Link to Webpage